Hemp has a long and complex history in Kentucky. Since the federal prohibition of marijuana, hemp farmers and manufacturers lost a vital source of income because the two plants are genetically similar. It wasn’t until the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill that farmers were finally allowed to grow the crop again. Hemp has slowly been making a comeback in the United States, and Kentucky is leading the way. But questions remain about the equity, sustainability, and overall future of the broader cannabis industry.

Runtime: 52 minutes, 34 seconds

Director/Editor: Elijah McKenzie
Cinematographers: Alex Scarfe, Rainer Geis, Elijah McKenzie
Location Sound Engineers: Alex Scarfe, Elijah McKenzie
Producers: Ralph Merkel, Joshua McKenzie, Elijah McKenzie, Alex Scarfe
FAA-Certified Drone Operator: Thaddeus Gallegos
Congressional Footage: C-SPAN
Archival Footage: “Hemp For Victory” Directed by Raymond Evans
Featured Music: Mavis Guitar, Nicholas Jamerson
Winner – Best Documentary, Best Director – Eden Studio International Film Festival (2020)
Official Selection – Cannabis Culture Film Fest (2020)
Official Selection – Ag & Art Film Festival (2020)
Official Selection – UPIKE Film & Media Arts Festival (2021)