KY Place was first developed in 2015, resulting in a four-episode “pilot season” that was filmed on a zero-dollar budget. We premiered the season in summer 2016 and held free public screenings of each episode at the Tim Faulkner Gallery in Louisville, KY. Each premiere was followed by an open forum discussion to give area residents an opportunity to talk to one another and address the topics mentioned in the film.
What we found was that communities were incredibly receptive to the series as it provided a space to have an honest, open dialogue about the myriad issues facing Kentucky. Though we are still operating on a minuscule budget, the overwhelming positivity surrounding the pilot season helped pushed our small crew of volunteers to drive the series forward.

Episode 1: “Keep Louisville Weird”
Featured panelists: Greg Leichty, Sara Havens, Michelle Eigenheer, Karter Louis

Episode 2: “ReSurfaced”
Featured panelists: Jaison Ashley Gardner, Marianne Zickuhr, Jennifer Chappell, Patrick Henry

Episode 3: “Ninth Street Divide”
Featured panelists: Dana Duncan, Haven Harrington III, Joe Dunman, Attica Scott

Episode 4: “The Dirt Bowl”
Featured panelists: Nathaniel Spencer, Neal Robertson, Cornell Bradley, Neal Reed